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In today’s constantly changing world and increasing demand on high standards, we are your ultimate dream about expertise, authentic concepts, memorable adventures and flawless execution of your visions.  As a full service Destination Management Company, Grata DMC strives to be your trusted strategic partner, who through long history of extensive experience is ready to design and execute your ideal image of an event.

Grata DMC has been providing wide range of MICE events in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia with a record of unparalleled excellence, dedication and diligence in the region. No matter the circumstances, our team of inventive souls is always committed to quality, competence and precision. While the principal passion lays in capturing your imagination and exemplifying your brand, we went beyond the borders of MICE events and diversified our portfolio with business or upscale leisure trips, incentive or individual tours and teambuilding events.

What makes Grata DMC exclusive provider in MICE segment is our approach to finesse – we aim to turn your corporate meeting or conference into special, extraordinary occasion and make it feel like the only event in the area.  

Grata DMC – your partner in designing unique and unforgettable travel experiences that bring destinations to life!

We are ready to assist you.

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We are creative

We have a complete package of design and creative capabilities, an impressive conceptual outlook and ability to produce original ideas, through our method of experimenting with current trends and blends of antiquity and modernity.

We're experienced

We have event planning in our DNA, have been dominating on the market for past decade and we are still striving to be better every day. Count on us in effective event planning that moves forward both your audience and business in any way you desire.

We're focusing on excellence

We always start by deep analysis of your inquiry and expectations, focus on implementation of our knowledge, experience and creativity. We guarantee that your event will meet your expectations and often will exceed them, leaving a long-lasting wow effect on your attendees.

We' re innovative

Not only do we have a necessary expertise of the local market and a hard-working, dedicated team – ready to put all the effort and excel at their duties, but also we have infinite curiosity, mindset of constantly seeking extraordinary and a daily challenge to strengthen our innovation muscles.

if you can dream it you can do it
Irma Kodua GM / Co-founder
Maia Adamashvili Financial manager
Some day we may come to peace
Ucha Kovziashvili Team building Developing
Get up, wake up and make your dreams happen
Nino Ergemlidze Project Manager
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Blessed by the nature, Georgia represents one of the most ecologically diverse countries on the planet, with 12 different climate zones, anything from subtropical to alpine to semi-desert. There are over 100 resorts varying in the climate and landscapes, be it for sunbathing, alpine climbing or skiing.


Famous “Land of Fire”, Azerbaijan is where East meets West, neither Europe nor Asia, it is more of a nexus of ancient historical empires, but bright and extraordinary future. The blend of two major cultures gave birth to the hospitable people, exotic culture and mysterious history that can be assimilated to nothing known to the mankind.


Few nations are gifted with history as ancient, unique and culture as rich and resilient as tiny country of Armenia – ancient and mystical land, still unspoiled by the overflowing mass tourism. The destination promises travel as rewarding as revelatory with its intriguing history, breathtaking landscape and charming culture and locals.

About project

It was a pleasure working with you and your team. Your team was instrumental in guiding our agency through the planning process. Each team member demonstrated tremendous skill and conducted business in a professional manner. Every detail was considered and every issue was addressed efficiently and confidently. Your team was guiding us every step of the way and remained front and center until the very end of the conference. I look forward to working with Grata DMC in the future and recommend your team to manage conferences and events of any size.

Sara Jhons
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